Immune Boosting And Immune Modulator Therapies

A good immune system is the ‘anti-virus’ defense against any disease. The Sanskrit word for immunity — ‘Vyadhikshamatva’ means forgiveness of disease. According to Ayurveda good health is not related to just not being sick. Wellness is state of experiencing good health. Apart from balancing the doshas — vata, pitta, and kaphaa, as well as making sure our digestive fire,

called agni, is working to its utmost, we should start practice some very good techniques that will help boost immunity. Keep the Immune System in Proper Balance by Eating the Right Foods. A weak immune system causes all types of diseases. Also an immune response becomes overactive or misdirected, targeting the body’s own tissues for foreign invaders. Our diet play a vital role in balancing this ‘fighting response’ within the body. Consuming leafy greens, highly pigmented fruits, whole grains you can give the body exactly what it needs to stay strong.

What are immunity-enhancing foods? Food that transforms quickly into Ojas is good for immunity and food that transforms to Ama is bad for immunity. Ojas is the end product of complete digestion that creates immunity, radiant good health and stable emotions. Ama, on the other hand, is the digestive impurities caused by unhealthy eating habits and creates the opposite effect — it compromises immunity and health.


In Ayurveda, ama (store toxins from undigested food) is one of the primary reasons for diseases to develop. Indigestion and ama formation prevent nutrients from reaching the tissues and weakens immune function. Be sure to detox regularly if you consume lots of unhealthy foods, are exposed to many environmental toxins, or don’t eat a Sattvic diet. While you don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian, strictly, those dietary practices are in alignment with Ayurvedic wisdom. Choose easy-to-digest organic and fresh foods. Foods that are processed, canned, frozen or packaged are harder to digest, they also include harmful ingredients such as chemical preservatives and thus create Ama. Organically grown foods are best because not only are they free of harsh chemicals, but they also contain more minerals. Vegetarian proteins such homemade cheese, milk, and pulses (split-mung dhal, lentils and other small, split beans) enhance ojas and immunity. Meat is not a recommended protein because it is difficult to digest and creates Ama

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