Ayurveda Clinical Services for

Consultations, therapeutic treatments, treatment packages, medicines and supplements

  • Rheumatological Problems
  • Joint And Muscle Pains
  • Male And Female Sexual Disorders
  • Acute And Chronic Back -Neck Pains
  • Allergies- Skin, Nasal, Food and others
  • Acute & Chronic Rhinitis – Sinusitis
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Chronic Kidney Problems
  • ENT – Nasal Polyps, DNS, Nasal Atrophy
  • Gynecological – PCOS,Fibroids,Endometriosis ,menopause management ,infertility
  • Certain Urogenital Problems – Stones, chronic infections, BPH
  • Certain Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Certain chronic neurological problems
  • PUNARJANMA – Forty Plus For Men And Women
  • Complete Panchakarma Solutions
  • Diabetes Health Management
  • REBORN – STRESS Management therapy
  • MENOPAUSE Management program
  • Immune boosting programs
  • Complete detox solutions
  • Comprehensive constitution(prakriti) analysis
  • Comprehensive diet advices
  • Weight loss solutions


1. In house: consultations are available at the Calangute clinic for the ailments mentioned in our therapeutic treatments list. Charges are applicable
2. Online consultations: consultations are available online as well. You need to fill up the online case sheet and send us. You will be given an appointment for video call on what’s
app or viber . Charges are applicable
3. Door step consultations: consultations can be provided at your door step in Goa, in case you are not able to drop in at the Clinic. Doctor will be sent at your place after confirmed
appointment and advance payment done.

Treatments and panchakarma Services 

The details have been sent in the last file with the contents mentioned under the above
heading. Include all the Ayurveda treatment list and details mentioned under this section.

Ayurveda clinical services 

Ayurgrande offers complete therapeutic treatments for many health problems which are mentioned here in the following list. The patient has to go for detailed consultation with the
doctor, after which a complete treatment plan will offered to the patient. Of course the treatment will differ from patient to patient depending on the chronicity, morbidity, severity and other medical Parameters. Please carry all your earlier medical reports, investigations and files of treatments done before.

The treatment plan may range from 7 days to 28 days depending on many AYURVEDIC and medical parameters.


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