Ayurveda As A Medical Science

As said earlier ayurveda is just not a mere a medical science , but a more comprehensive science which  guides us to live .It is a science which describes completely in detail how an individual has to perform his daily regime to live a healthy life free of  mental & physical maladies. There are certain spiritual concepts which can neither be signified nor ignored in today’s modern world as it needs a lot of scientific research to prove or refute it. Here we will try to highlight ayurveda as a medical science, its present, past & its future. The treatises which were written by the contemporary authors were done so keeping in mind the health of population. The treatments mentioned were intended to prevent the onset of disease (the prophylaxis),to treat the diseases which have sprouted and also to, rejuvenate the body which has been weakened by the diseased process. That’s how its  utility is defined .Thus it is understood that the prime concept of ayurveda is to prevent, cure ,treat ,prevent & also to maintain  the health of an individual .before the existence of  allopathy   ,ayurveda was the main line of treatment in India and abroad also in the form of traditional system of herbal medicine of respective countries .It is understood that why these medicinal systems declined by the emergence of modern medicine  the allopathy.

Ayurveda as a medical science has been described in detail with following subjects in detail in all of its classical books .

  1. Sutra section- basic principles of ayurveda
  2. Sharira section _the anatomy, embryology ,physiology of human  being, including the subject of obstetrics
  3. Nidana section –the pathology
  4. Chikitsa section-the medicine and treatments sections
  5. Kalpa section – the pharmaceutical subject
  6. Uttara section- the science of shalakya tantra as dealt above
  7. Vimana section-special concepts like methods of examinations, priority, etc.
  8. Siddha section –dealing with panchakarma subject with its recopies

These were the section & subjects described by authors in summation during the classical ayurveda period. These classifications are hitherto followed by ayurveda practitioners & also by conventional system of medicine but all of them have been super sub specialized. Thus it is understood that ayurveda had a sound understanding of the human existence, its evolution, its survival, its care & prevention & all in detail about him. Ayurveda has a sound base as a medical science and a complete science.

All the above sections have been described in detail but are beyond the realm of this short literature. All the treatments were learned, practiced, followed & made to be practiced & followed. During the classical period of ayurveda it was learned by the younger generation under experienced doctors who were authorities in running the schools of ayurveda.

Even today ayurveda is learned with same technical details but in a much more manipulated way. Ayurveda medical colleges have evolved which offer the course B.A.M.S (BACHEOLAR OF AYURVEDA MEDICINE AND SURGERY) which is a 5 & 1/2 years course  recognized by central council of Indian medicine & by medical council of India as an alternative system of medicine in India and even abroad. Above all there are treatment centers in Russia, Italy, Germany, England, USA & many other countries.

There are also post graduate courses in ayurveda offered in the abovementioned specialties. In all the courses the students are taught ayurveda in detail obviously, but the conventional system of medicine is also taught so to keep abreast with the current developments in the medicine. The same kind of exposure is been experienced by the ayurveda medicos as those of allopathic medicos. Research in Ayurveda is under taken by the Federal Government statutory body Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS), which have national network of research institutes. Besides this, a large number of non-government organisations are conducting research work on different aspects of Ayurveda. This research expands diagnostic tools and speeds the innovation of new medicines.

Ayurvedic practitioners have been appointed to Honorary Ayurvedic Physician to the President of India. Every year on the occasion of Dhanvantari jayanti, a prestigious Dhanvantari Award is conferred on famous personality of Medical Sciences including Ayurveda.Thus to conclude ayurveda is authentic system of medicine well recognized & accredited by medical council in India & also by some developed countries.

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