Ayurveda /Все об аюрведе


  • Definition  : Literally translated as science of life. It has more to it. It is more comprehensive science unlike any other science as it deals with every aspect of human life. there are explanations of diets,seasonal regimen, purification or detox therapies,treatments of all the diseases ,their preventive measures,the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life discussed in detail.   


  • Whenever the word AYURVEDA is heard or seen is generally perceived as the herbal medicine, massage and steam, Panchakarma, metallic drugs, unpalatable medicines, concept of doshas, prakriti, and rejuvenation & also in many other ways. It’s true that all the entire above are related. Ayurveda is composite of all the above and something more than that. Ayurveda bears a lot to its name which cannot be explained in this literature. But still we have endeavored to highlight the basics of ayurveda, the modes of treatment, the methodology of examinations in ayurveda diagnosis, medications generally advised.The etymology of the word ayurveda. The word ayurveda is a composite of two words ayu & veda . Ayu signifies life, the age right from the conception to death of human beings, Veda signifies jignyasa which means curiosity of learning it i.e the science. Thus ayurveda is the science of life or the curiosity to know everything about LIFE in its entirety. Obviously it makes us understand that ayurveda is just not a mere medical science but something more comprehensive.
  • Why Ayurveda?
  • The purpose of Ayurveda is to protect health of the healthy and alleviate disorders in the diseased. It has also been indicated as the science of the protection of your age (Ayu)

Ayurveda is said to be a medical science which was delivered by the Gods to the sages and seers (Rishis) who were yogis and renowned in their insight, intuitions and keen observations of human behaviours.

The sages and seers transferred their knowledge to their disciples. Ayurveda was an indigenous medical system which was popular and practiced in Indian sub continent since pre-biblical era. Ayurveda became an integral part of the Indian Society.

The word Ayurveda is a composition of two Sanskrit words: Ayur meaning Age; Veda- meaning Knowledge or Science. It is explained as a “Science of the Age” or the “Science of the Life” or the “Knowledge of Health.” Moreover it is also called as a Science of “Whole Health and Healing,” as well as the “Science of Longevity.”

Ayurvedic literature explains the purpose of Ayurveda beautifully and effectively in a very simple, pious and in various ways. The teachings and principles which were put forth in ancient times to keep one’s health disease free, the exact same philosophy is implicated in modern times.

  • In recent years Ayurveda has gained worldwide acquaintance. Ayurveda is a timeless holistic medicine science. It is a classical medicine which can adapt and absorb any healing science and be adopted by any medical system.
  • Four Goals Of Ayurveda (Life): Life According To Ayurveda
  • Origin (Simple Brief)

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