Clinic History/ История Kлиники

Ayurgrande Clinic History


The clinic was a sister concern under Ayurgreen health institute before since 2009. Since Ayurgreen started with a bigger venture
in Kerala and Dr. Saleem Javid was keen to start his own venture he started with AYURGRANDE – Multispeciality Ayurveda Clinic.
The clinic is situated in Calangute in North goa. It has been catering to Domestic and International clientele. It serves the
therapeutic and prophylaxis preventive care. The patients come for their various medical issues mentioned in this website and
also for other ayurveda requirements. Although the clinic operates on OPD basis, it also caters basically all the panchakarma
needs of the clientele along with other ayurveda conventional therapies. It has both male and female therapy practitioners who
engage the patients at ease with best possible professionalism, dedication and work ethics.


English, Europeans, Russians (some also from former Soviet Union countries) Scandinavians and
Indians of course.

Visiting Countries And Co Operation

Russia-Other former Soviet Union Countries -Estonia- Austria-Germany-Finland


Many patients consult online since they cannot make it to come to goa. You need to fill all the details as asked in the case sheet format with attaching the relevant reports. You will be given a time to video call or a normal call to further discuss your problems. We then forward you treatment plan for you to decide.


Specific diet and life style recommendations are sent to the patients to improve the outcome of the treatment and also to
improve the quality of life.


Medicines are also sent to the patients from various part of the world. They are sent after consent of the patient after
undergoing the detailed consultation online or if the patient visiting the clinic. Medicines are sent for all the problems that are
mentioned in the list mentioned.


We plan to open an ayurveda treatment center with in-patient facility and accommodation facilities soon in goa and Bangalore.
Accommodation facility already made available from September 2019 in Goa. For details visit on koito house/Calangute beach /